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Our Coach's Code

The Major League rulebook defines proper conduct 
and prescribes action that shall, in the judgment of the umpire, 
be taken if this conduct is not upheld.


Since we as managers and coaches are dealing with a very important commodity,
namely the minds and ethics of young men and women,
it behooves us to go one step beyond the rulebook.


We have designed a league to demonstrate not only the skills involved in the sport,
whatever it may be, but to give a chance to 
young men and women to perform despite their ability. 
It is up to us to demonstrate the true Christian aspects of fair play. 
This does not mean we do not teach the winning habit or the desire to win, 
but it means that in losing we can still be a success to our ideals and ourselves.

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Coach's Corner

During the spring baseball season, coaches who
run a practice or are on field on game day
must be CAL-certified coaches.

In order to get your certification lanyard, you must: 

  • Attend a Double Goal Coach workshop presented by the Positive Coaching Alliance.
    These courses are held in mid to late February. 

  • Submit to a LiveScan background check.
    Check our LiveScan Page to download an application
    with our League-specific information and our preferred provider's
    contact information.


CAL Baseball

Welcome to the Christian Athletic League.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth baseball organization in northwest Riverside. CA.

We strive to provide a quality program which stresses sportsmanship and fair play.

We play on 3 baseball diamonds nestled in the hills above the La Sierra area
on the grounds of the Divine Word Missions.

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Tue, Jul 2       6:30 PM
Monthly Membership Meeting

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Fall Baseball Camp Registration

Tue, Aug 6       6:30 PM
Monthly Membership Meeting

Sat, Aug 24       8:00 AM
Fall Field Cleanup

Tue, Sep 10       6:30 PM
Monthly Membership Meeting

Tue, Oct 1       6:30 PM
Monthly Membership Meeting

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